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We are called The Progress Company because the very heart and essence of what we do is help people to make progress.

We help leaders and managers gain, grow and enhance their leadership skills, attitudes and qualities that help them to become more confident in their roles and responsibilities.  These skills and mindsets are also fundamental and essential in developing and increasing mental and emotional strength and confidence. We do this via unique, value for money and enriching  training and coaching programmes which can be formal or informal, accredited or non-accredited and we tailor our sessions and workshops to suit the target audience and setting. 

We are a member of the Institute for Leadership and Management and are NLP Practioner qualified.  We combine and complement our skills and knowledge with real life experiences to give our clients and customers a holistic and grounded approach to learning and development and a significant part of our offering is our UGrow development programmes, which are bespoke to the various individuals and groups with whom we work.

Find out more about our ILM delivery and about our UGrow programmes here

The Progress Company has has fundamental principles, values, qualities and traits that we invest into everything we do in our work. Take a look at what these are by visiting our 'Business Principles and Values Tree' and our Mission and Vision Statements.

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