The Progress Company was founded in 2008 by owner and director Mel Disley and is headquartered in Wales, UK. 

We offer leadership & management and mental & emotional wellbeing development training with a difference, working with a vast range of audiences from different sectors and industries and with organisations of all sizes both in the UK and internationally. 


We have particular experience in building working relationships and collaborations with the education sector globally, having designed and delivered learning, development and wellbeing programmes to educational settings via varied and combined activities, which are delivered in unique and tailored ways to suit the audience or client. 

We also work with selected partners and associates in the UK and Europe to deliver training and development opportunities aimed at a large scope of people and professionals across Europe via funded projects.

Mel is an NLP practitioner and ILM member who has been working in the training and development industry for over 20 years and, in the latter half of that time, has focused on leadership and management training, coaching, assessing, mentoring and essential life skills, attitude and mindset training.  

A large part of our leadership and management training focuses on developing mental and emotional wealth and strength and leadership style and practice. This includes areas such as developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence and finding the authentic (leader) within. In offering such training, we encourage, support, motivate and inspire others with Mel's long-held belief that these attitudes and mindsets are a fundamental and essential basis on which all other skills, knowledge and experience can be built. 

The Progress Company's UGrow development programmes are both a strong, sturdy foundation for and the perfect complement to other leadership and management training and development opportunities.  

Our UGrow development and wellbeing programmes are designed to suit a wide range of audiences, from leaders and managers to support staff, from children and young people to parents and carers and is suitable for business, education and the community. 

Over the last 20 years, Mel has been working within a broad range of sectors, industries and company sizes and with people from director/executive level to support staff including within The NHS, councils, education and training, retail, manufacturing and production, engineering, energy, healthcare, youth, charities and voluntary organisations and financial services and many SMEs.